The red of black
This entire world by Kostis Georgiou, timeless and somewhat inaccessible, appears like Paradise lost. Even his animals, if not particularly those, refer to a punishment that follows in their wake them, have the savagery of wrongdoing impending or already carried out.
This also can be seen in his humans. Only those we usually see have accepted the stigma, as they convey their disfigured forms without protest, to all intents and purposes “peacefully”. Whether solitary or with company, joyful or mournful, they also bear the load and the venerability of their gender, which appears to have just produced or be in the process of producing a tragedy.
The painter’s forms are abstract, but not confidentially archaic. You can imagine Agamemnon wearing a tie, Clytaemnestra in various phases, a weary Aegisthus. The objects that surround them, archetypal to almost indefinable, witnesses to their actions, may be trees, paintings, threatening colours of a new dawn, wilted flowers or fruit of questionable freshness, or even cups, vessels, lekythoi, ewers, lamps, drinking cups, all accompaniments or grave goods of the red and blue, which usually dominate their apparel, in order to silence the expressive body and its illicit actions.
Far from any hint of comforting us, Georgiou participates in our past and future pains. A hand harsh in painting, that belongs to a warm and trusted friend.
Yiannis Varveris-Poet