Painting as an act of resistanceManos Stefanidis, Curator of the, Athens National Gallery

The main challenge painting faces today is the accomplishment of autonomous existence, based on its great tradition but also speaking about today, avoiding repetitions of the past and at the same time fighting the appealing charm - imposture i dare say - of electronic era. The task is difficult one would say. This is exactly why it is so difficult for the public to draw information about art and to feel the subsequent excitement. Today painting resists and therefore asks for accomplices.

Costis Georgiou is one of the modern painting drives in Greece. His pictures based on absolutely personal experiences dominate over the audience dragging it to their breathtaking rhythm. Powerful imprint, explosive colors, vibrating figures, a prevailing passion and finally a myth emerging from this struggle. Costis Georgiou pictures are seen upon their surface as stories and in their depth as myths. Lately his themes reveal a new angle: critical views, humor and at the same time self sarcasm. These are his «Collectors».

Manos Stefanidis
Curator of the
Athens National Gallery