A Rhapsody about nature. A retrospective exhibition of the sculptor Costis Georgiou at the "Titanium" Gallery. A sculptor-fighter who managed to escape the Sirens, like a new Ullyses, is calling his work in its plastic melody, a "Rhapsody of the present".Article in the newspaper "ADESMEFTOS TYPOS", by D. Koutsomitropoulou,10/11/1996

Costis Georgiou, the sculptor from Thessaloniki, comments on the human abuse of nature, on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition of his work opening tomorrow at the Titanium-Gallery.
The main figures of his work are the bull, the bird the fish and everything else expressing a philosophical approach of things. "The fact that nature plays a very important role in my work follows through a general attitude which prevails in my painting. It relates to my experiences". Costis Georgiou does not necessarily consider a "selling" artist as a fake one. He believes a work of art should be sold : "I believe a work is a blessing not only for its creator but also for the audience, meaning that a sensitive spectator becomes a co-creator." He uses materials such as hammered and hand-crafted metals, whereas in the past he also used wood, plaster and fabrics.
"My work is a personal deposit of energy, long days and nights and of course hard labor. It took great effort, persistence and agony building up these works".

--------------------- Greece as a starting point.----------------------

As to the question whether there are certain promoting "circles" he replied "it really depends on how willing one is to sell out his personal self-respect. There is a well organized system which can promote any indifferent artist right up to the top. There is also of course a middle-man, representing interests on his part, too."
Costis Georgiou chose to follow the difficult path. "I left at a pro-stage; this was when I had the opportunity to move to Rome and instead stayed here kicking away 200 Million drs. I knew then and I know now, there would have always been a middle-man. I would have never been myself again, nor would it have been my work, if you know what I mean."
Although a fighter, the sculptor believes life is short. "There are very important personal moment, too. I don?t find chasing after things interesting in life. I?d rather experience things in my own pace. On the same time I consider Greece as my starting point and this is where I begin from when I travel with my work around Europe"

-------------------Rushing back to his paint brushes.-------------------

The exhibition titled "Rhapsody of the Present" will be on till the end of December. As for what to expect next, the artist will rush back to his brushes and start with his painting again. Somewhere in-between there is another station, this time in Spain at the ARCO Art- Fair in February, where he will take part with a personal exhibition including a great construction which consists of an iron-ring with nails all around it and of sculpted animals moving inside it.